Teenager Left Suicide ‘Note’ Videos For Family


This News Article is about an eighteen year old boy who smoked cannabis daily. He left a series of videos of him crying that were meant for him family and friends to see. Luke was the boy, Luke stepped in front of a train and died instantly, nest to the train line Luke spelled out the word ‘sorry’ in stone bars. He was a depressed boy and had suicidal thoughts even though he denied them. He was put on anti-depressants as well. No one knew he was going to commit suicide but something was clearly affecting him in some way and he killed himself due to this issue. This relates to the theme of Guilt/Regret because this boy was guilty for killing himself, that’s why he said ‘sorry’ with the stone bricks. So in the end he did feel guilty for his actions. This relates to Lady Macbeth because she did feel guilty for killing herself especially when the people needed a Queen but she had her own issues that not everyone knew about, few people tried to help her but they didn’t know how she truly felt, just like Luke.



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