Heartbroken Woman Jumped Out Of The World’s Tallest Building


This News Article is about a heartbroken woman who killed herself by jumping off the world’s tallest building. She committed suicide after splitting with her wealthy boyfriend. The woman who killed herself is Laura Vanessa Nunes, her mother tried to figure out why she killed herself, all she knows as well as anyone else is the fact that she split with her wealthy boyfriend causing her to kill herself. This shows a terrible relationship and what bad relationships can lead to, this definitely is an extreme case but this may happen more than we know. This relates to the theme of Guilt/Regret because prior to jumping out of the building you could see how she was having second thoughts, she was probably feeling guilty for what she was about to do, or she was regretting her choice. There is more we do not know of but you could see she didn’t want to go through with it at first. This relates to Lady Macbeth because she didn’t necessarily want to kill herself but she had to, her relationship with her husband pretty much became nonexistent just like Laura. Lady Macbeth did feel a lot of regret as well as guilt just like the woman.



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