New Queen Of Scotland!

Hello lovelies, it’s the Queen here! Yes the Queen! I may now say “Bow down peasants”! I am such a genius! I came up with a great plan to ensure I would be Queen! On another note, my husband is doing alright with ruling Scotland but killing Duncan is getting to him. How is he a man, I don’t understand, he’s so weak inside and it’s starting to show. My dear… I cannot lie, this is getting to me as well, I have a whole other persona, I truly am guilty and I truly feel a lot of sorrow… The sight of what my husband did was horrific, completely atrocious but I stayed put and kept myself together. The people of Scotland need a great Queen! Aren’t I right?! They also need a great King… The people aren’t getting that… My husband is a tyrant and I know this myself! Imagine what the people are thinking… This prophecy, he is taking this to a whole new level… If more innocent people die… I won’t be able to live with myself, I know this is all my fault but I can’t breakdown I just need Macbeth to stay strong and not further kill… It’s already hard enough for me to live with this guilt… I am having trouble sleeping and eating, it feels like I have to force myself to do these things… No one knows this is how I truly feel… Until today, my lovelies, you have gotten an insight into my mind. I hope my husband starts to tell me what secrets he is hiding and I hope I can rid of this guilt that has found it’s way into my heart. Wish me luck lovelies! I shall update you in moment’s time.


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