My First Post!

Hello lovelies, it’s Lady Macbeth here! I just received some unbelievable news; I’m actually still trying to process everything! How’s are all my peasants doing today? Oh sorry! I forgot to tell you the news. Bow down to your new and improved Queen of Scotland! Well soon to be… Anyway, just recently I received a letter from my husband, Macbeth if you didn’t know, he started off as Thane of Glamis, he is now Thane of Cawdor and he will soon be King! I left out some key details which I will now share. All you lovelies are aware that Duncan is the King at the moment and that he won’t be dying anytime soon, even if he were to die the throne would be handed to his son, Prince Malcolm. Of course this is terrible and there is no way around it, that’s what all you think! Of course, the genius I am came up with a plan! My husband is so simpleminded and easy to influence which makes everything easier. At the moment Macbeth is on his way to kill Duncan! The plan is as simple as that! There was a lot of convincing to do on my part, it was quite a struggle but all I had to do was tell him how much of a coward he was and how he wasn’t a man. I shall return with some news once my husband returns. I think he’s completed the job, I just heard someone come in. My goodness this man is so idiotic! He came back with two bloody daggers! You men always leave it up to the woman to do the job properly! Honestly, I had to go back to the crime scene and finish the job! For a man who kills many during wars he sure is weak, it’s one man, and he couldn’t even finish the job. My husband is going insane, I can’t have him here with me, and this imbecile will get us caught. Wish me luck lovelies! I’ll give you all an update as soon as I can.


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