My Final Decision

Hello lovelies, it’s the Queen here… Today is a very depressing day… The Doctor and Gentlewoman are doing the most they can. Apparently I’ve been doing things while I sleep. I’ve been reading a letter and I’ve been talking. The guilt is really getting to me. I have no idea as to what is even happening anymore! I’ve lost complete control of my husband and I don’t know what to do! No one can help me, I can’t help myself… I’m alone… I’m desperate… I wish none of this happened… Becoming Queen was one of the worst things to happen to me, I know I shouldn’t be saying this but it’s true. Everything is crashing down; English forces are coming to rid of my tyrant of a husband. I want to rid of myself, I just don’t know how I should do it, there are various ways but what shall I do… That’s the problem… The only way to escape from my prison… I know what I must do; it will save me from this living hell. I used to think my husband was weak and emotional but I understand what this poor man was going through at one point. I’m becoming as mad of a man as he did. This Doctor and Gentlewoman aren’t really doing anything other than observing me sleep; this really isn’t helping me at all! They talk about what I do when I sleepwalk and talk, when the last time was, all they’re really doing is talking about how insane I’ve gone, it really doesn’t help me at all. Macbeth doesn’t even care about me anymore, he gets the doctors to take care of me and try to fix me when they can’t, great husband I’ve got. So this shall be my final goodbye before I leave this Earth and enter a better and peaceful place. I am truly sorry to leave all you lovelies but this is what I must do to escape. Thank you to those who supported me from the start. Goodbye to one and all.



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