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Heartbroken Woman Jumped Out Of The World’s Tallest Building

This News Article is about a heartbroken woman who killed herself by jumping off the world’s tallest building. She committed suicide after splitting with her wealthy boyfriend. The woman who killed herself is Laura Vanessa Nunes, her mother tried to figure out why she killed herself, all she knows as well as anyone else is the fact that she split with her wealthy boyfriend causing her to kill herself. This shows a terrible relationship and what bad relationships can lead to, this definitely is an extreme case but this may happen more than we know. This relates to the theme of Guilt/Regret because prior to jumping out of the building you could see how she was having second thoughts, she was probably feeling guilty for what she was about to do, or she was regretting her choice. There is more we do not know of but you could see she didn’t want to go through with it at first. This relates to Lady Macbeth because she didn’t necessarily want to kill herself but she had to, her relationship with her husband pretty much became nonexistent just like Laura. Lady Macbeth did feel a lot of regret as well as guilt just like the woman.


Teenager Left Suicide ‘Note’ Videos For Family

This News Article is about an eighteen year old boy who smoked cannabis daily. He left a series of videos of him crying that were meant for him family and friends to see. Luke was the boy, Luke stepped in front of a train and died instantly, nest to the train line Luke spelled out the word ‘sorry’ in stone bars. He was a depressed boy and had suicidal thoughts even though he denied them. He was put on anti-depressants as well. No one knew he was going to commit suicide but something was clearly affecting him in some way and he killed himself due to this issue. This relates to the theme of Guilt/Regret because this boy was guilty for killing himself, that’s why he said ‘sorry’ with the stone bricks. So in the end he did feel guilty for his actions. This relates to Lady Macbeth because she did feel guilty for killing herself especially when the people needed a Queen but she had her own issues that not everyone knew about, few people tried to help her but they didn’t know how she truly felt, just like Luke.


Man Hanged Himself Over Guilt

This link leads to a News Article about a man who hanged himself because he “could not live with his guilt”. This man’s daughter was being attacked by burglars and he didn’t do anything about it. This man thought it was his entire fault, he thought he couldn’t help. Due to this he feared what would come, in the case the “long-term effects”, in order to not experience further guilt he hung himself. This relates to my chosen theme of Guilt/Regret because you can clearly see this man was guilty of his actions, he also regrets that he couldn’t do anything to help his daughter. This article plays perfectly with this theme. This relates to Lady Macbeth because she felt guilty, extremely guilty after awhile. She regrets telling her husband, Macbeth, to kill the king, she was greedy and she wanted to be Queen. She feels guilty for her actions, at one point the guilt is just too much for her to handle and due to this she killed herself, just like this man did.


Goodbye Agony – Black Veil Brides

This song relates to how I feel. This is how I feel coming to the decision that I must kill myself. Looking at “Lived and learned from every fable written by your mind and I wonder how to move on from all I had inside, placed my cards upon the table in blood I draw the line… I’ve given all my pride” it shows how I feel towards everything that has occurred; I constantly look back at what I’ve done. I try to move on but I can’t. The rest of the song just refers to my life of misery and how the guilt is truly killing me inside.